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Is vBSEO Worth The Price?

Posted 2008-04-30 in Software & Scripts   By

I'm taking the plunge with vBSEO on Fury-Tech Forums. $149 for vBSEO is almost twice as expensive as a leased vBulletin license, so like many vBulletin owners I'm tentative to say the least. To make things worse, they want $117 to remove vBSEO branding from your forum. On the bright side of things, I should have a reliable SEO solution for vBulletin - where Jelsoft is really lacking in my opinion.

Most of the people who have purchased and use vBSEO seem to have really positive things to say. Now that I've gone through the process of ordering, installing and configuring my first reaction is: WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS! Seriously, I have never filled out so many damn form fields, clicked so many links, and jumped through so many hoops just to order and install a relatively small PHP app. If there's one thing vBSEO doesn't seem shy about, it's harvesting my personal info during the order and download process. After you get through ordering the script, the install and setup really isn't that bad.

So, now it's up and running and some 20,000 posts are back online. I will update with progress but in the meantime - what do you think about the high price tag on vBSEO?

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