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50 Forums to Sell Your Scripts

Posted 2009-03-24 in Software & Scripts   By

Here's a huge list of free forums to sell your Website scripts. Make sure you register and read the rules of each forum. Perfect for selling your custom PHP apps and turnkey scripts to other Webmasters. It is very up to date since I recently compiled and edited the entire list.

  1. DigitalPoint Content Forum

  2. NamePros Scripts For Sale Marketplace

  3. iWebTool Other Goods Forum

  4. eLanceTalk Other Offers & Requests

  5. WebHostingTalk Software and Scripts Offers

  6. DaniWeb Websites for Sale Forum

  7. DNForum Advertising and Related Offers Forum

  8. v7n Content Forum

  9. DNLodge For Sale Forum

  10. Talk Directories For Sale Forum

  11. Info Vilesilencer General Marketplace Forum

  12. Talkfreelance Licensing Marketplace Forum

  13. Other Offers & Requests

  14. HostingDiscussion Products/Services Offers & Requests

  15. PHPWeby Advertise your services Forum

  16. Search Buster Directory Buy, Sell, Trade Forum

  17. Webmaster Desk Buy and Sell Forum

  18. Buy, Sell or Trade Forum

  19. 9zap Buy, Sell or Trade Forum

  20. World Web Chat Content & Scripts Forums

  21. YET1 Content & Scripts Forums

  22. SEO 4 Experts Content Forums

  23. BZimage Content Forum

  24. PromoJunkie Content Forum

  25. WebSneak Content And Service Forums

  26. Webicy Content and Webscripts Forum

  27. F-S Marketplace

  28. Talk Mania General Marketplace

  29. Webmaster Forums Making money on the web

  30. Webcosmo Marketplace Buy, Sell & Trade Forum

  31. Scriptalicious Forums Marketplace

  32. VMOptions Marketplace

  33. Webmaster Problems Offers & Requests Forums

  34. phpLinkBid Other Offers & Requests Forums

  35. FreeHostForum Other Offers and Requests

  36. Domain Focus Related Offers and Requests

  37. Massive Links Scripts & Software

  38. HTML Help Central Scripts Marketplace

  39. SEO Talk Forums Scripts Forums

  40. MySpacePros Scripts Marketplace

  41. Codehead Scripts and Applications Marketplace

  42. Free Trade Forum Scripts and Software Forum

  43. Developer Tutorials Scripts For Sale Forum

  44. iGuides Services Forum

  45. W3Talk Webmaster Classifieds

  46. HostBidder Webmaster Offers & Requests

  47. Webmasterpals Website Content Forum

  48. Kahuki Websites Marketplace

  49. Websites Marketplace

  50. WJunction Buy, Sell, or Trade Marketplace





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